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The Camera Obscura featured in Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is the seventh Camera Obscura featured in the Fatal Frame Series. Unlike the other cameras it appears to have a more modern design, rather than being an old bellows camera. During gameplay, the 3DS itself serves as the Camera Obscura, so that the player is constantly in viewfinder mode.

Unlike other cameras in the series, the Camera Obscura in Spirit Camera is quite basic. It cannot be upgraded and only consumes one type of film, which seems similar in damage and recharge period to Type-14 Film. Like in the original game, combos and Fatal Frame shots cannot be achieved. When the player takes damage a "cracked glass" effect appears on the screen for a few seconds.

History of the Camera

Currently unknown. It appears to have belonged to the player since before the beginning of the game. Hearing rumours about the device's power, Kaito Hasebe encourages anyone who finds the Purple Diary to give it to the owner of the Camera Obscura.[1]

When the player receives the Purple Diary in an unmarked package, the camera reacts, prompting the player to examine the diary with it.[2]


  • Player

Deaths from Overexposure?

None known.

Related Notes

Upgrading and Equipment

Unlike others in the series, the camera cannot be upgraded. It has multiple lenses; these don't actually cause damage, and are instead used more in the investigation phase than in battle (though there are a few limited applications for some during fights). In contrast to Choshiro Kirishima's torch, which will not cause ghosts any damage when the "Develop" lens is equipped, this camera will only cause damage with the "Type-Zero" lens equipped.


Types of Shots

Capture Circle

This camera's capture circle is similar in appearance to that of Ruka's camera from Fatal Frame IV.

Misc. Info

  • According to Maya, it is the camera that allows her and the player to escape from the Old House and solve the mystery before succumbing to the Woman in Black's curse.
  • Although the game does not feature a Spirit Stone Radio, the Camera Obscura is apparently capable of capturing ghost voices after the ghosts have been exorcised.


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