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"Maybe she got haunted by the woman in black..."
Kaori [[src]]

Kaori (香織) is a character in the mini-drama released to promote Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir. She is a high-school student, and friends with Rina and Saki.

Kaori goes to Rina's house to play a new game for the 3DS. The game is said to be cursed, but Kaori and Rina both make light of the urban legend, and when Saki appears nervous, Kaori teases her about it.

The day after they play the game, Rina does not come to school, and Kaori jokes that she might have been taken by the woman in black. She and Saki stop in a park to call Rina, but there is no answer. Kaori suggests that they pay her a visit to make sure she's all right, but before they can decide, she begins receiving disturbing messages that appear to be from Rina. At first Kaori suspects a joke, but when Rina starts sending photos of Saki and Kaori taken from nearby, she becomes agitated and uneasy.

The final photo she receives shows a shadowy figure standing right behind Kaori. Kaori turns and starts to scream, running from the park in a panic. As she flees across a bridge, a hand grabs her jacket and appears to try and pull her over the railing. She manages to stop herself from falling, but is too distressed to answer when Saki questions her; all she can do is scream about the woman in black.

Kaori's ultimate fate is unknown, but presumably she is spirited away.

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