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This article is about the character in Fatal Frame: The Movie. For the character in Fatal Frame: A Curse Affecting Only Girls, see Kazumi Yamada.

Media Mix Character

Kazumi Kusanagi

Kanji/Kana 草薙和美
Alias Mary
Actor Noriko Nakagoshi
Status Alive
Occupation Factory worker
Appears in Fatal Frame: The Movie

Mary (real name Kazumi Kusanagi) is a character in Fatal Frame: The Movie. She is a mysterious, middle-aged woman who dresses in goth lolita clothing. She claims to be a graduate of the school, and is strangely knowledgeable about the curse. She lives with her young son, Susumu, in a former photo studio.


Mary grew up the photo studio, which was once run by her family. Since childhood, she was drawn to the photographs of the girls who had drowned themselves in the nearby lake and whose photographs were enshrined in the studio. When she closed her eyes, she could hear their voices, and their whispered prayers to be together in the afterlife. She became interested in the rumours of a curse at the school, and even claimed to be a graduate.

Fatal Frame: The Movie

Mary overhears Risa and Itsuki discussing the curse. She tells them that it started as a suicide pact between female lovers whose families wished to keep them apart. Long ago, one such girl survived, and was haunted by her dead lover for the rest of her life. Graduates from the academy sing Ophelia's Song in memory of the girl's tragic love and death.

Because of Mary's reputation as someone knowledgeable about the curse, Aya and Michi pay her a visit, hoping for answers. Mary shows them the enshrined photos, and points out the girls she believes are the ones in the legend, but cannot offer any explanation for the photo of the girl identical to Aya.

After Aya and Michi have lifted the curse, Mary visits the school on graduation day. Aya gives her back the photo, and invites Mary to stay for the ceremony, but Mary refuses, admitting that she is not really a graduate. She goes to see the Headmistress instead, and notices a framed photograph of two girls, and realises that they are the girls from the legend. The Headmistress confesses that she was the survivor, and has been tormented by her lover's ghost. In an attempt to appease her by giving her a companion in the afterlife, she murdered a young girl who had been placed in her care, but this only led to more deaths. Mary hears her out, then nonchalantly says that it doesn't matter anymore, since the curse has been lifted anyway.

Mary returns home and places the photo with the others in the studio. She closes her eyes and thinks back to the days when she stood in this room as a child, listening to the lingering voices of the dead girls.

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