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Date of Event: September 17, every ten years
Location: Rogetsu Isle
Game: Fatal Frame IV

The Lunar Eclipse (月蝕, げっしょく gesshoku) was an event celebrated by the residents of Rogetsu Isle every ten years (see note). In the island's faith, the moon was seen as a symbol of the spirit world, and during the eclipse it was believed the gates of the underworld would open and the dead would briefly return.[1] It was also believed that the moon could influence human souls, and that when the moon was troubled it could result in harmful effects such as Moonlight Syndrome and Blooming, so during the precarious time of the eclipse, the ancient Rite of Descent would help maintain equilibrium, with a medium as the central figure, the Vessel, guiding the souls on their way, and the Tsukimori Shrine Maidens providing musical accompaniment to calm the moon and the restless spirits.[2]

In modern times, the Kiraigou was replaced with a kagura, which became a popular tourist attraction. People who had been born on the island and moved away would make a point of returning on this date.[3]


On the night of the lunar eclipse in the 1970s, two performances occurred simultaneously - the tourist Kagura, attended by the public, and a reconstructed version of the Rite of Descent, held in secret on a hidden stage underground. The underground ritual failed, and five kidnapped girls serving as Organs, or instrumentalists, collapsed and lost all their memories. The mask of the Vessel, (Sakuya Haibara) split into multiple fragments and she too collapsed, and was confined in the basement of Rogetsu Hall in a coma-like state. The Vessel and Organs from the tourist version of the ritual also collapsed, and the Vessel died of heart failure.


In reality, lunar eclipses do not occur at such regular intervals in a single location, and require careful calculations to predict accurately.[4] The lunar eclipse experienced on Rogetsu Isle may be more of a supernatural event than a celestial one, like the Dark Sun in Fatal Frame V and the endless night in Fatal Frame II.


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