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This article is about a character in Fatal Frame: The Movie. For the corresponding character in the novel, Fatal Frame: A Curse Affecting Only Girls, see Taruho Saginomiya.

Media Mix Character

Mayumi Asou

"Nobody must know what's inside."
Kanji/Kana 麻生真由美
Alias N/A
Actor Yuri Nakamura
Status Alive
Occupation Teacher/Nun
Appears in Fatal Frame: The Movie

Mayumi Asou is a character in Fatal Frame: The Movie. She is a nun, and a teacher at the school. Her younger brother Takashi lives with her at the school, and she is very protective of him.


Prior to the events of the movie, Mayumi found Takashi at a water reserve near the school, casting flowers into the water as an offering to the body of a little girl. Mayumi kept what she had seen a secret, to protect her brother, but in spite of her warnings he continued to go to the water reserve every day to make offerings.

Years later, as a curse begins to spread through the school, more and more students are drawn to the water reserve. To protect her brother's secret, Mayumi kills the girls before they can go inside, drowning them in the lake and allowing their bodies to float downstream. While she is in the process of killing Michi in the same way, Takashi comes to her and tells her that the dead girl has come back to life and escaped, but he threw her back into the reserve. Mayumi interprets this as a confession to another murder and decides their only hope is to run away.

She and Takashi flee through the forest, but his bad leg slows him down, and eventually he slips and falls into the river. Mayumi hurries to save him, but just as she reaches him, she hears the police coming closer. Rather than endure being caught, she decides to allow both herself and Takashi to drown. Their bodies later wash up downstream, in the same place as the bodies of the girls she killed, and rumours of her crimes spread through the school.

Misc. Info

  • Although Mayumi and Takashi share a surname with Dr. Kunihiko Asou and other major characters in the Fatal Frame series, there is no indication that they are related to them.
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