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List of the major playable characters within the Fatal Frame Series.

Fatal Frame


Miku Hinasaki (雛咲深紅) (17)

Miku is a high school/college girl (depending on the version you play) with a strong sixth sense. After her father died on an archaeological expedition, and her mother, Miyuki Hinasaki, soon after committed suicide, it's just been Miku and her brother, Mafuyu. The two siblings are very close, both sharing a sixth sense that they keep secret from others, so when Mafuyu doesn't come back after nine days of following his mentor into the 'haunted' Himuro Mansion, Miku goes after him. In the Japanese version of the game, Miku is listed as being seventeen years old.


Mafuyu Hinasaki (雛咲真冬) (21)

Mafuyu, twenty-one years old, is the elder brother of Miku and an aspiring novelist. Like Miku, he possesses a strong sixth sense. Since his parents died, Mafuyu has been taking care of his sister. Upon hearing that his mentor hasn't returned from doing research at the 'haunted' Himuro Mansion, Mafuyu himself goes to investigate, taking with him a special camera his mother left to him and Miku, and mysteriously disappears.

Fatal Frame II


Mio Amakura(天倉 澪) (15)

Mio is the younger sister of a set of twins. She has a slight sixth sense, but not as strong as her twin sister Mayu. When Mio and Mayu were little Mio playfully ran away from Mayu in the forest. Mayu, trying to keep up, slid and fell, resulting in a permanent limp to her right leg. After this happened, Mio felt so guilty she promised she would never leave Mayu behind again. She's been protecting and looking out for Mayu ever since. When Mayu wanders off into the forest chasing a butterfly, Mio chases after her.


Mayu Amakura(天倉 繭) (15)

Mayu is the older twin sister of Mio. She has a very strong sixth sense. Due to her injury, Mayu can't walk very fast, and always walks with a limp. When Mio and Mayu were little Mio playfully ran away from Mayu in the forest. Mayu, trying to keep up, slid and fell, resulting in a permanent limp to her right leg. Mayu's worst fear is being left behind by her sister. When her and Mio are visiting their secret place in the forest, she spots a crimson butterfly and chases after it.

Fatal Frame III


Rei Kurosawa (黒澤怜) (23)

The main character. She is a freelance photographer suffering the loss and guilt of her recently deceased fiancé, Yuu Asou. One day, while shooting the remains of an old mansion, she catches a glimpse of her fiancé within a photo. Chasing him down the corridor, she finds herself in what appears to be a restored version of the mansion. She encounters spirits and rituals of the past until awoken from her daydream by her assistant, Miku Hinasaki. After that day, Rei begins to have violent and disturbing dreams set within the mansion. A painful blue tattoo spreads over her body each time she wakes, making Rei determined to find answers before her time is up.


Miku Hinasaki(雛咲深紅) (19)

Rei's assistant, and also a returning character from Fatal Frame.
Several years after her experiences at Himuro Mansion, Miku is living with Rei Kurosawa and has taken a job as her assistant. Not much is known about her within the first few chapters, but as the game progresses, Rei discovers that even after his death, Miku can't let go of the memory of her brother, allowing the tattoo to slowly consume her body as well.


Kei Amakura (天倉螢) (26)

A non-fiction writer conducting research into folklore and urban legends. He is also drawn into the Manor of Sleep in his search for answers regarding the condition of his niece, Mio Amakura. While they don't meet face to face until quite late in the game, he is able to provide Rei with information by means of his letters and research notes sent to his good friend (and Rei's fiancé) Yuu Asou. His Spirit Power is weak and he finds it difficult to fight off the ghosts that attack him. Instead he relies on a wealth of background knowledge and his superior health to help him confront the Curse of the Tattoo.

Fatal Frame IV


Ruka Minazuki 水無月 流歌 (17)

The main heroine of Fatal Frame IV. 10 years ago, Ruka (a previous native of the island) and four other girls were rescued by a detective after being kidnapped as a child. Now, the remaining two girls have left for the island of Rougetsu, where it all started. In search of her lost memories, Ruka too heads out for the island.


Misaki Asou 麻生 海咲 (17)

One of the surviving kidnapped girls, Misaki is a strong-willed girl who has to have her way. Lead by the vision of a girl in black who appears in her memory, Misaki heads towards Rogetsu Isle. However, soon after arriving on the island Misaki, lead by her curiosity, loses the cowardly Madoka.


Madoka Tsukimori 月森 円香 (17)

One of the surviving kidnapped girls, Madoka has a timid personality. Upon Misaki's urging, Madoka follows her to Rogetsu Isle. Soon after arriving on the island, Madoka begins to have second thoughts, and suddenly finds herself separated from Misaki. Madoka is the first character you play as in the game.


Choshiro Kirishima 霧島 長四郎

The detective who rescued Ruka and the other girls from Rougetsu island several years ago while in the pursuit of a suspect (Yo Haibara). Now just a private eye, he travels back to the island, upon the request of Ruka's mother, to find her daughter.

Fatal Frame V


Yuri Kozukata 不来方夕莉 (19)

Since childhood, Yuri has had the special ability to sense an object's secrets when she touches it. She works in Kurosawa Antiques Shop and uses her ability to bring back people who have been spirited away. She is asked to go to Mount Hikami, a mountain visited by those who have chosen death, to find a missing person.

Miu Hinasaki.png

Miu Hinasaki 雛咲深羽 (17)

A girl searching for her missing mother, who vanished when she was a child. She's never known the love of parents and feels empty. She heads to the mountain believing her mother is there.


Ren Hojo 放生蓮 (23)

A struggling author who has known Yuri for a long time. He's quite whimsical and is scolded by his assistant for it. He hears of a custom involving burial photos, and goes to the mountain to research for his new book.