Purple Diary (SC)

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Purple Diary (SC)


Kanji 紫の日記
Game Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir
Chapter The Cursed Diary
Located at
Function Diary
Additional Description

A mysterious diary that features both as an in-game and real-world item, used in the main storyline of Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir.

The Diary

The Purple Diary (called the Book of Faces in the US translation) belonged to Maya, a shrine maiden raised in isolation, who wrote in it as if to a sister. Her continuous thoughts and emotions gave life to the "Other Maya", who wrote back and kept her company. When the ritual failed, Maya and the Other Maya split in two; Maya lost all her memories, and Other Maya became the Woman in Black. Having lost her other half, she began to pull people into the diary and keep them there forever as her companions. Their spirits would be trapped in the house inside the diary.

For many years, the diary has been the subject of urban legends. Rumours say that it is cursed, and that people who investigate the legends go missing, their corpses later found with mutilated faces.

The player character receives the diary in an unmarked package. Later it is revealed that it was sent to them because they own the Camera Obscura. Maya and the player investigate the notebook to uncover more about its past, and learn how to break the curse.


The AR Notebook

The physical version of the diary is shipped with the game. Players must look through it and use their 3DS camera to look for "hotspots" within the book, which will provide clues to solving the mystery, as well as trigger mini-games.


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