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Media Mix Character

Risa Suzumori

Kanji/Kana 鈴森リサ
Alias N/A
Actor Fujiko Kojima
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Appears in Fatal Frame: A Curse Affecting Only Girls
Fatal Frame: The Movie

Risa Suzumori is a character in Fatal Frame: A Curse Affecting Only Girls and Fatal Frame: The Movie. A quiet girl who has looked up to Aya since joining the school. She is friends with Itsuki. She recommends Aya to sing the solo in Ophelia at their graduation ceremony. She is to be married to someone soon after graduating, but wishes to marry the one she really loves.[1]

A Curse Affecting Only Girls

Risa is a student in her final year at Saint Loudun's Academy for Girls. Although she attends such an expensive private school, her father's business is in trouble and the family is struggling with finances, so Risa's parents have arranged for her to marry a rich man when she graduates. She is noted to be the boldest girl in the class. She is unreliable and somewhat manipulative, but impossible to hate, as something about her clumsiness makes people want to protect her. She is best friends with Itsuki, and is in love with Aya. She is the first to nominate Aya as the soloist in the traditional performance of Ophelia's Song at the graduation ceremony.

In Chapter 2, Itsuki and Risa sneak out of school together. Itsuki stops Risa from shoplifting nail polish at the convenience store, and they go to the restaurant together instead, where Itsuki paints Risa's nails. When Itsuki asks her about her impending marriage, Risa is ambivalent, since it was her parents' decision, not hers. She says she has no other particular plans after graduation, but would prefer to marry someone she really loved. With that in mind, she says she would like a photo of Aya, and Itsuki, who is annoyed that Risa keeps talking about Aya, gives her one.

At that point, a woman named Mary, a kind of minor celebrity in the town who has a strange reputation, comes and sits down at their table and starts talking to Risa. She says that she did the curse in her day, and tells Risa how to perform it, including the necessity of hanging the two photos in the chapel behind the confessional.

Back at school, Risa takes out the photo of "Aya", and another that she has of Itsuki. It is revealed that she loves them both, and at first she is torn about which one to curse. Eventually, though, she decides on Itsuki, kisses her photo, and hangs it up with a picture of herself.

However, unknown to Risa, once she has gone, the same man who took Kasumi's photo comes to the chapel. Stating that the curse will only work if one of the photos is the one of Aya, he discards Risa's picture and places Aya's next to Itsuki's. Later, Waka and Nagi find Risa's picture lying on the floor, and Waka takes it.

Daydreaming in class, Risa feels someone kiss her. Although she sees nobody, she senses that it is "Aya". "Does that mean that, though I chose Itsuki, Aya chose me?" She is punished by the nun for having a sinful dream. Itsuki comes to find her and the two kiss, but Itsuki is still jealous that Risa appears to have chosen Aya, and rushes out of the room. The next day, Itsuki disappears.

After Kasumi's body is found, Risa is tormented by guilt and terror that her thoughtless actions have caused the same thing to happen to Itsuki. When the ghost Aya appears and offers to curse her, Risa surrenders; she is just about to put her picture next to Aya's in the chapel when she is stopped by Michi and the real Aya. Aya swears the ghost people have been seeing is not her and she has never cursed anybody, and her presence feels so different from the ghost that Risa accepts her word.

Risa believes that Mary knows something about the curse, so all three of them go to ask her about it. At first Mary is reluctant, but relents when rumours about Itsuki's death begin to spread. She tells them there is an old Shinto shrine near the school, which has some connection to an even older form of the curse. After Mary's description of the shrine, the girls are surprised to discover that the building is only a decade old, and that its construction was funded by St. Loudun's. In the shrine's hidden basement, they find an old photo album, full of pictures of girls dating back many years. As they are looking through the album, Itsuki's spirit appears; Risa tries to follow her, and somehow vanishes in the shallow water. Michi and Aya return to school alone.

The next day, Risa appears above a flooded ditch beside the road where Aya and Michi are walking. With the help of Kuro Karatsu, they manage to rescue her, and Karatsu is able to reunite Risa's spirit with her body. Risa tells them that she tried to follow Itsuki into the other world, but Itsuki sent her back. The curse is intended to unite people in the afterlife, but its present form has become twisted. Risa says that wherever she was, she couldn't be with Itsuki, and none of the people there can be with the girl who looks like Aya, either.

From this point on Risa is too weak to investigate any further, but Michi and Aya between them manage to break the curse. When school ends, Risa decides not to marry the man her parents had planned her to after all. Instead, she wants to go to nail college and become someone mature and confident, like the Itsuki she always admired.

Fatal Frame: The Movie

Risa and her best friend Itsuki decide to skip class and run down to the town together. Itsuki helps Risa to paint her nails, and they talk about their plans for the future: Itsuki wants to open a nail salon, and Risa is going into an arranged marriage with a rich man chosen by her parents, although she would prefer to marry someone she likes. The conversation turns to Aya, who has been hiding in her room for a month; Itsuki seems irritated and tells Risa to forget about her, but Risa starts talking about a way to curse someone into returning romantic feelings by kissing their photo at midnight.

Before Itsuki can respond, they are interrupted by Mary, who has overheard their conversation and starts telling them about the origins of the curse. Risa is interested, but Itsuki drags her away.

After Kasumi's disappearance, Risa and Itsuki are passing Michi in the hallway when she suddenly collapses. They help her back to her room, where Risa sees the photo of Aya that Michi found in Kasumi's room. Since it was something Kasumi treasured, Itsuki suggests they put it in an attic room where it will be safe until Kasumi's return.

That night, a ghost who looks like Aya appears before Risa. The ghost asks Risa to break her curse, and Risa suddenly finds herself in the attic, leaning in to kiss the photograph.

In the following days, she starts to show signs of sickness like Kasumi, and she, Itsuki and Michi all see hallucinations of "Aya" all over the school. They gather in Michi's room to discuss it, and Itsuki blames Aya for putting a curse on them through her photograph. That night, both she and Itsuki find themselves in the attic again. Rather than let Risa kiss the photo, Itsuki snatches it away and kisses it herself.

The next day, Itsuki too is missing, and as the curse spreads through the school, more and more girls disappear. Risa spends the night in Michi's room, hoping that will keep them safe, but overnight she too is called and vanishes from the school. She is found later wandering by the side of the road, apparently awake but unresponsive. A medium who happens to be visiting allows her spirit to speak through him, and she tells Michi and the real Aya that she and the others are being called by the girl in the photo, but something is stopping them from reaching her.

After Aya and Michi lift the curse, Risa is shown at the graduation ceremony, singing Ophelia's Song with tears in her eyes. Michi reveals that she has decided to open a nail salon, fulfilling Itsuki's dream on her behalf.


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