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"Somehow, we caught the attention of the woman in black..."
Saki [[src]]

Saki (沙樹) is the narrator of the mini-drama released to promote Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir. She is a high-school student, and friends with Rina and Kaori.

Saki goes to Rina's house to play a new game for the 3DS. The game is said to be cursed, and Saki is the only one who has not heard of its reputation. Saki appears to be more sensitive than either Rina or Kaori; she doesn't joke about being haunted, and she is the only one who seems to sense anything wrong in the house while they are playing the game. As she and Kaori are leaving, she also asks whether Rina will be all right alone.

The next day, when Rina doesn't come to school, Kaori jokes that she might have been taken by the woman in black, but Saki appears to take the possibility seriously. When Kaori receives disturbing messages from Rina and starts to panic, Saki attempts to calm her down, but is unable to help.

With nowhere else to turn, she goes to Rina's house and explains to her brother what has happened. The two of them try to investigate the game, but before they can learn much, strange phenomena begin to occur. They attempt to escape the house, but the woman in black appears at the front door, blocking their way.

Saki's ultimate fate is unknown, but presumably she is spirited away.

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