Seijitsu Academy

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This article is about the location in Fatal Frame: The Movie. For the location in Fatal Frame: A Curse Affecting Only Girls, see Saint Loudun's Academy for Girls.

Seijitsu Academy

Kanji 聖ルーダン女学園
Game Fatal Frame: The Movie
Located at Unknown
Function School
Status In use

Seijitsu Academy is a Catholic boarding school that is the main setting of Fatal Frame: The Movie. It is run by nuns, and its rules are very strict.

There are two traditions peculiar to the school, one officially sanctioned, one not. The first is the performance of Ophelia's Song at graduation ceremonies, with a solo sung by a student from the graduating class. The second is the student practice of "cursing" the one they love in the hope that she will return their feelings.




Misc. Info

Locations used for Seijitsu Academy were:

  • Tenkyōkaku in Inawashiro, Fukushima Prefecture (exterior)
  • Asaka History Museum in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture (interior and exterior)
  • Tatebayashi Catholic Church, Gunma Prefecture (chapel interior)


Aya Tsukimori - Michi Kazato - Headmistress - Itsuki Kikunobe - Kasumi Nohara - Keiko Makino - Kuro Karatsu - Mary - Maya Tsukimori - Mayumi Asou - Mio Takaishi - Risa Suzumori - Susumu Kusanagi - Takashi Asou - Waka Fujii
The Girls' Curse - Ophelia's Song
Kusanagi Photo Studio - Seijitsu Academy
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