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The Spirit List is a notable feature of the Fatal Frame series. When you take a picture of a ghost on the list, an entry is automatically added, with a picture and some information about the ghost. Each game has its own unique list, and each varies in length. Every game offers a different reward for completing this list; some are costumes or accessories, while others are functions for your camera.

Fatal Frame

Main Article: Fatal Frame Spirit List

The spirit list here goes by the term 'ghost list'. It cannot be viewed until you start a new game from a clear file.

PS2 Version

Total Number of Ghosts: 108
Reward(s) for completion: Special Function: Zero

Xbox Version

The Xbox version added 10 extra stationary ghosts as well as a new hostile ghost, Tokitada Kyuki.

Total Number of Ghosts: 119
Reward(s) for completion: Special Function: Zero

Fatal Frame II

Main Article: Fatal Frame II Spirit List

The number of ghosts on the Spirit List in Fatal Frame II, unlike the other games in the series, is never shown to the player. Instead, the list indicates the percentage of

captured ghosts. This list is unlocked after the game is beaten once. One new feature is that, in order to complete the spirit list, the player must obtain Fatal Frame Shots (PAL) or Shutter Chances (US) of most of the hostile ghosts.

PS2 Version

In the PS2 version, the main feature of the spirit list was that there were specific ghosts separated by region. The Japanese ghosts were of Famitsu Magazine editors and staff as well as Keisuke Kikuchi and Makoto Shibata. The American ghosts were of various video game magazine editors as well as Kikuchi and Shibata. The European ghosts were added random ghosts.

Total Number of Ghosts: 152 spirits
Reward(s) for completion: The "Development Documents" (artwork viewable in the Gallery) and the Serial lens

Xbox Version

Like the previous Fatal Frame, the Director's cut of Fatal Frame II offered an additional ghost to battle with. Tecmo Japan held a special contest amongst fans and replaced the six original Japanese ghosts with fan submitted ghosts. The American ghosts (save for Kikuchi's and Shibata's) were replaced with four more people in the video game industry. The European ghosts remained the same.

Total Number of Ghosts: 178
Reward(s) for completion: Gothic Lolita costume

Fatal Frame III

Main Article: Fatal Frame III Spirit List

The complete Spirit List cannot be viewed until starting a new game from a clear file. On a first play of Fatal Frame III a smaller version of the list is visible, showing the 33 hidden ghosts, many of which are only available on a second playthrough anyway.

Total Number of Ghosts: 217 spirits
Reward(s) for completion:

Fatal Frame IV

Main Article: Fatal Frame IV Spirit List

In Fatal Frame IV, the entire list is available from the start of the game. Unlike the last two games, Fatal Frame Shots are not required; instead, Rorschach Shots shots must be obtained while the spirits are Blooming.
There are a total of 233 ghosts to be captured in Fatal Frame IV. Due to a glitch in the original Wii version of the game, six entries will never appear even when the ghosts have been captured, making it impossible to complete the spirit list.

Total Number of Ghosts: 233 spirits
Number of Ghosts Photographed: 227
Reward(s) for completing 100+ entries: Equipment "Sense"
Reward(s) for completing 150+ entries: Lens "Explode"
Reward(s) for completing 200+ entries: Zero Suit Samus costume
Reward(s) for completion: The "Festival" Function

Glitched entries: #32, #101, #174, #176, #182 & #211.


In the 2023 remaster, the bug that made it impossible to complete the spirit list has been fixed. The list was also subdivided into wraiths (hostile ghosts), specters (vanishing ghosts) and revenants (stationary ghosts), and a Hozuki doll list was also added.

Total Number of Ghosts: 233 spirits (58 wraiths, 156 specters, and 19 revenants)
Reward(s) for completing 100+ entries: Sense upgrade
Reward(s) for completing 150+ entries: Explode lens
Reward(s) for completing 200+ entries: Leather Suit costume
Reward(s) for completion: Optimal upgrade

Deep Crimson Butterfly

Main Article: Deep Crimson Butterfly Spirit List

The spirit list in Deep Crimson Butterfly is similar to that in Fatal Frame II, in that it does not number the entries, instead showing a percentage. Many of the entries are the same, but extra ghosts have been added throughout the game. The regional extra ghosts no longer appear. Unlocks appear after 100 and 150 ghosts captured and 100% completion.

Total Number of Ghosts: 190
Reward(s) for completing 100+ entries: Maid Accessories
Reward(s) for completing 150+ entries: Black Stockings Costume and White Stockings Costume
Reward(s) for completion: "Optimal" Function

Fatal Frame V

Main Article: Fatal Frame V Spirit List

In Fatal Frame V, for the first time, the spirit list did not include any of the game's vanishing ghosts, but only had entries for the hostile ghosts. Instead, the player must Glance all attacking ghosts and view their death scenes in order to complete the list 100%.

Total Number of Ghosts: 40 ghosts
Reward(s) for completion: Lens "See"


In the 2021 remaster, the spirit list was expanded to include all the vanishing ghosts that were not recorded in the original.

Total Number of Ghosts: 40 ghosts, 101 specters, 68 traces
Reward(s) for completion: Lens "See", Shiragiku and Ose Kurosawa unlocked in Snap Mode

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