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This article is about the character in Fatal Frame: The Movie. For the character in Fatal Frame: A Curse Affecting Only Girls, see Susumu Kusakabe.

Media Mix Character

Susumu Kusanagi

"It's my first photo of a ghost."
Kanji/Kana 草薙進
Alias N/A
Actor Unknown
Status Alive
Occupation None
Appears in Fatal Frame: The Movie

Susumu Kusanagi is a character in Fatal Frame: The Movie. He is a young boy who lives with his mother in Kusanagi Photo Studio, near the school that Aya and Michi attend. He has a very old camera that he found in the studio, and believes he can capture the images of ghosts. Isolated from his peers, Susumu spends his days wandering the town and country by himself, taking photographs.

One such walk takes him to a bridge spanning a river, which was once a deep lake. At the end of the bridge, he sees the ghost of a girl, and takes a picture of her. Later, he meets Kasumi Nohara at the hilltop flowerbed being tended by the academy students. Kasumi believes the photo is of Aya, and asks Susumu to give it to her. Kasumi disappears soon after, and the photo becomes the epicentre of the spreading curse.

Later, Susumu comes home to find Aya and Michi there. They are investigating the curse, and have come to ask Mary about it, but Susumu recognises the photo immediately. He tells them where he first saw the ghost, which leads them closer to solving the mystery.

After the students have graduated, Susumu meets Aya and Michi on the hilltop overlooking the town. Michi asks to borrow his camera to take a picture of Aya as a keepsake, but when she looks through the viewfinder, she sees the ghosts of all the dead students standing in the background. She decides not to take a picture after all.

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