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This article is about a character in Fatal Frame: The Movie. For the corresponding character in the novel, Fatal Frame: A Curse Affecting Only Girls, see Takashi Saginomiya.

Media Mix Character

Takashi Asou

"The girl in the water... she's alive. She escaped."
Kanji/Kana 麻生崇
Alias N/A
Actor Kodai Asaka
Status Unknown
Occupation Gardener
Appears in Fatal Frame: The Movie

Takashi Asou is a character in Fatal Frame: The Movie. A young man who helps out at the school as the gardener, he is introverted and has difficulty talking to people. He always drags one leg. He lives with his elder sister, Mayumi, who is a teacher at the school, and she watches over him protectively.


While visiting a water reserve in the forest near the school, Takashi saw the body of a girl floating in the water. He did not report his discovery, but continued to visit her at the reserve every day, throwing flowers into the water as an offering. When Mayumi found out what he was doing, she came to the conclusion that he had killed the girl. She did her best to keep the secret and shield him from the consequences, but although she begged him not to, Takashi continued to visit the water reserve and make offerings.

As the curse begins to spread through the school, Takashi has a chance meeting with Aya in the woods. He mistakes her for the dead girl and believes she has come to life and escaped the water. In an attempt to stop her wandering, he carries her back to the water reserve and throws her in, along with another flower offering. As he leaves, he finds his sister by the river, trying to drown Michi. It is revealed that Mayumi has been killing the students to prevent them from finding the body in the water reserve.

When Takashi confesses what he has done to Aya, Mayumi decides their only chance is to run away. They flee through the forest, but Takashi slips and falls down a cliff into the river. Mayumi rushes to save him, but at the last moment, she hears the police approaching. Rather than live as a criminal, she chooses to die, and she and Takashi both drown.

Misc. Info

  • Although Mayumi and Takashi share a surname with Dr. Kunihiko Asou and other major characters in the Fatal Frame series, there is no indication that they are related to them.
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