Tokoyomi Ritual

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Tokoyomi Ritual

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"The maiden must have her eyes and mouth sewn shut to become a spirit vessel. Once a spirit is captured in the vessel, it can never escape."
Kanji 常世見の儀式
Location Unknown
Participants Priestess, shrine maiden
Frequency When Darkness begins to spread
Purpose Communion with gods
Game Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir

The Tokoyomi Ritual was a ritual performed in the village in which Maya lived. It is mentioned in Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir. In it, a Shrine Maiden was made into a vessel used to communicate with the gods. The ritual was performed when Darkness began to spread across the area and cause illness and death, so that the villagers may ask the gods how to appease them.


A young girl was chosen to be a Shrine Maiden using currently unknown criteria. She was secluded from the rest of the world and not allowed to form any relationships, so that when the gods inhabited her body they would not "spill out". She was raised by an old woman.

The ritual

The old woman, acting as the priestess, sews the girl's eyes and mouth shut to turn her into a "vessel" for the god to use.


A god descends and inhabits the shrine maiden, allowing the village to communicate with them. If the god is of a good nature, they will save the village. If the god is of an evil nature, Darkness will spill out and destroy the village. If the Shrine Maiden retains any earthly connections, thus leaving the vessel improperly sealed, the god will seize upon these connections and use them to escape, leaving only Darkness inside of her.


When Maya was chosen to perform the ritual, she was taken into seclusion as tradition demanded. However, she kept a diary in which she would write to another "Maya", thus forming a type of relationship, which was forbidden. When the time came to perform the ritual she proved to be an unsuitable vessel, and the ritual failed. The village was wiped out and fell into ruin. The other "Maya", the Woman in Black, came into existence at this point and began to search for Maya, who had found herself inside the house in the diary with no memory of anything but her own name.


"Tokoyomi" (常世見) can mean "looking into eternity" or "looking into the land of the dead". In the European translation of Spirit Camera it is called the "Rite of Eternal Sight" and the "Rite of Greeting".

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