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Yoriko (依子) is a character from Another Story, supplementary material for Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir.

She is the friend and classmate of Yuuko, and loves gossip and ghost stories. She is a member of the Occult Research Group at the school. She is always telling Yuuko stories she reads in occult magazines and gossip she hears around the school. The two girls discuss the legend of the Purple Diary and the stories about it.

One day, Yoriko doesn't come to school, and in fact doesn't come back for a few days. Yuuko assumes she is sick, and heads to the library to do some research. When there, she spots Yoriko standing between some bookshelves, even though she should be at home due to illness. Thinking she might have come to the school to see her, Yuuko heads over to speak to her, but Yoriko vanishes, and Yuuko senses a dark atmosphere coming from where her friend was standing. Yuuko then spots a book on the shelf near where she saw Yoriko - a diary with a purple cover.

At an unknown time sometime after these events, Yuuko says that Yoriko was "found", apparently another victim of the diary's curse.

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