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Yuuko (裕子) is one of the characters featured in the Spirit Camera supplementary story Another Story. She serves as the narrator, and is gradually drawn into the legend of the diary.

Yuuko's friend, Yoriko, is a fellow student of her school who loves rumours and is a member of the "Occult Research Group". Yuuko rarely pays attention to her stories, but a particular legend, the legend of the Purple Diary, Yoriko tells her of intrigues her as she has heard of it in a strange manner only a few days before.

Yuuko encounters a strange man at her school who has heard of her through an article she wrote for the local paper some time ago about musical customs. He is apparently the brother of Yuuko's substitute teacher, Ms. Hasebe, and she notes that although he is handsome he has a gloomy air about him, and so nicknames him "Gloomy Man". The man questions her about legends and folk music, before asking if she knows of the Purple Diary. Yuuko doesn't, but thinks that Yoriko might be able to tell her something about it, and offers to contact him again if she finds out anything. The man, seemingly frightened of something, tells her that she mustn't investigate the diary, and she is led out of the room.

Yuuko and Yoriko discuss some stories they have heard about the diary, such as those of a masked boy, a woman who has turned into a doll, and an Old Woman with sharp needles chanting an incantation. One day, Yuuko sees a person's shadow standing amongst the purple clematis flowers that grow in the school courtyard. She is distracted by Yoriko, and when she looks back the person is gone.

For the next few days, Yoriko doesn't come to school, and Yuuko assumes she has been off sick. She heads to the library to do more research - and also since she can't see the courtyard from there - when she senses someone's eyes on her. She spots the figure of a person she is sure is Yoriko standing between the bookshelves, even though she should be at home since she is ill. Yuuko rushes over to her but Yoriko disappears. Between the books lined up on the shelf where Yoriko had been, Yuuko spots a book with a cover the same purple colour as the clematis flowers.

Yuuko says that, some days later, Yoriko is found. She wonders if she dragged her friend into this, but supposes that even if she hadn't mentioned it this would have happened anyway, since no one involved with the diary can escape. She looks at the photo of the gloomy man that has appeared in the diary, and knows that soon Yoriko's photo will appear, and then Yuuko's.

In the epilogue, two students are having a conversation about the diary, and mention that the diary has come to Yuuko.

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