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Zach's Friend (never named) is a character in the mini-drama released to promote Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir. She and Zach are cleaning out the basement of Zach's house. While he sits on the steps playing on his Nintendo 3DS, she finds a diary on the floor and asks whether it belongs to his family, but he doesn't know where it came from. They go upstairs to get a drink, and the shadowy figure of a woman appears in the basement behind them.

Zach's friend is in the kitchen getting the drinks when she hears strange noises coming from the living room. She goes to check on Zach and finds he is gone.

Her attention is drawn by the 3DS falling off the table. When she picks it up she can look through the viewfinder and see the same shadows that Zach saw, and as she surveys the room, she sees Zach walking through the doorway, although he is invisible to the naked eye. She follows him, but experiences strange phenomena such as flickering lights and whispering voices, and runs to the basement. When the light will not switch on she grows more nervous, but keeps walking, using the 3DS to light her way.

Eventually, she finds Zach standing in a corner with his eyes and mouth sewn shut. She runs away, but trips on the stairs, and when she looks down she sees her own face appear in the 3DS, disfigured in the same way as Zach. She covers her face and staggers back into the basement, screaming, and then disappears completely.

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