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零Wiki is a Fatal Frame / Project Zero encyclopedia written collaboratively by fans from around the world. This site is a wiki meaning that anyone, including you the reader, can edit almost any articles within it.

Browsing 零Wiki

For starters, the 零Wiki does use Japanese characters occasionally in reference to characters names. If you do not have Japanese characters enabled on your computer, you may end up seeing a lot of question marks (?) or boxes in replacement of characters.

While the wiki is predominately in English currently, several fans are working on translating the wiki into various foreign languages, if you're interested in helping out, contact the admin for more information.

The wiki contains a huge amount of information concerning the official Fatal Frame Series including, but not limited to characters, ghosts, locations, and rituals to name a few. Information has also been separated by games Fatal Frame, Fatal Frame II, Fatal Frame III, and the newest installment Fatal Frame IV. (Fatal Frame IV sections do include spoilers!)

You can also search for specific articles (or text) by using the search field on the left hand side of the page. (Underneath the BCL links). Just type in your term and click "search" . You can also use this method to create new pages.

If you find an article you have a question on, or want to comment on something posted but don't want to edit - go to the Discussion page link to get to the Talk page of the article. Then click the Edit this page or click the + to the right of it and add your comment.


Everyone and ANYONE can edit/add pages within the 零Wiki - even this page! Just click the 'edit link at the top of any page (except for protected pages) if you think the page needs improvement or is missing information. All you have to do is be logged into the site.

If you would like to practice first, and you're scared of "messing up" an article, head over to the community sandbox, where you can edit/practice to your heart's content.

If you want to learn more about Edits, go to the edit help section which has helpful information to make edits in the wiki.


There are a few policies to keep in mind when editing or using the 零Wiki.


Neutral Point of view. This means that articles should not be biased and should represent differing views on a subject fairly. Personal opinions/ideas should be kept out of articles.


The 零Wiki is a group project which works ultimately with teamwork, clear consensus, mutual respect and civility which should be put into practice throughout the site. Please assume good faith when disagreeing about a topic and stay calm. Use the article discussion and usertalk pages to discuss issues or corrections. Also make use of the edit summary tag to explain your edits, so other 零Wiki members have an idea of where you are coming from.



Canon & Facts

In the 零Wiki, we try to keep facts as canon and clear as possible. Theories are not to be discussed or used in bios unless there is clear multiple cases of evidence to support it.

Want to Join?

While anyone can browse the wiki, the advantages to register include having the full editing rights for those wishing to contribute. To join, simply create an account and get started!

Don't be discouraged!

Everyone makes mistakes. You may run into conflicts or be corrected when you first start to edit. Don't let this get you down. The 零Wiki is a TEAM effort! (Even editors who have worked on the wiki from the start till make the occasional spelling mistake).

If there's anything you don't understand - technical or social - feel free to ask on Emi's user talk page or make a note on the Discussion section of the article.

Enjoy yourself! Thankyou for contributing!