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This page concerns the 2014 Japanese movie, Gekijōban Zero. For information about rumoured upcoming English-language movies, see Untitled Live Action Fatal Frame Film.

Zero ~Zero~ The Movie

Japanese 劇場版 零~ゼロ~
Runtime 105 minutes[1]
Genre Horror
Released 26 September 2014 (Japan)
23 October 2014 (Singapore)
31 December 2014 (Indonesia)
4 June 2015 (Korea)
30 January 2024 (US)
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Fatal Frame: The Movie is a Japanese live-action Fatal Frame movie announced in April 2014, based on Fatal Frame: A Curse Affecting Only Girls by Eiji Otsuka. Filming began on March 27 2014, and was continuing at the time of the announcement The first trailer was released on 26 June, and the second on 1 August. The movie was showcased in a live stream on Nico Video on 17 July, where the new game and manga were also presented.[2]. The film was released on 26 September 2014.[3] The DVD and Blu-Ray were released in Japan on 3rd March 2015.[4] An English Blu-Ray was released in the US on 30 January 2024.[5]


Rumours of a curse begin to spread at a Catholic girls' school in an isolated mountain town. Aya (Ayami Nakajo), the most popular student, suddenly shuts herself in her room, and all around the school, students begin to see visions of a ghost who looks just like her. The ghost lures them to kiss her photo at midnight, and everyone who does is spirited away.

Michi (Aoi Morikawa), another student, sees her friend Kasumi vanish before her eyes, and she herself is haunted by the ghost girl. As hysteria spreads through the school, Aya finally emerges, and together she and Michi work to solve the mystery of the curse.

Cast and Crew

  • Mari Asato (Director)

Box Art

Promotional Images

Misc. Info

  • Much of the movie was shot using 16mm film to enhance the fantasy atmosphere of the story.[6]


Official Links

http://zero-noroi.tumblr.com/ (Tumblr)
https://twitter.com/zero_movieJP/ (Twitter)
https://www.facebook.com/zero.movieJP (Facebook)

Where to Buy

Blu-ray, US


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