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Welcome to 零Wiki,
a database covering the Fatal Frame series.

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Welcome to 零Wiki! Formerly attached to Beyond the Camera's Lens, this wiki's goal is to compile a comprehensive database of everything related to Tecmo's Fatal Frame series!

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Ruka Minazuki in the upcoming remaster of Fatal Frame IV.

13 September 2022

After almost fifteen years, it's finally happening - Nintendo just announced that Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is getting a remaster, to come out in ALL REGIONS in early 2023! Confirmed for Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam!


31 October 2022
The leaks from yesterday are now confirmed! The official websites have all updated with new information, and the game's official release date is 9 March 2023. Check out the overview trailer here! The websites also have a first look at photo mode and two of the new costumes, and information about the Digital Deluxe Edition. (I know some of you out there will be happy to see that Choshiro will be getting a swimsuit costume!) There will also be bonus costumes and accessories for early purchase, and the Camera Obscura Hat from the FF5 remaster will return for anyone who has FF5 save data on the same device they use for FF4.

For Western fans who plan to import a physical copy, I recommend checking the Japanese site, which has previews of the preorder bonuses different stores will be including. A set of premium goods, containing the clear files, art book and soundtrack CD announced at TGS, will also be available in Japan; you will be able to buy the game alone for 6380円, the goods alone for 5700円, or a premium box containing everything for 12,080円. Choose wisely! EDIT 5/11: You can also check this handy preorder guide by Daedalus, which explains everything.

12 November 2022
Identity V social media accounts have posted a new promo image for their Fatal Frame II crossover event! Two lucky players who guess the characters correctly will be sent a crossover package.